Why us

Our solutions can be customised to meet your needs. We guarantee to bring a new digital experience and add new levels of information & entertainment for your guests.

HoneyBadger's easy to navigate solution will add value to your guest’s experience, and your business. Our systems are flexible and able to be delivered across wired and wireless networks, giving you and your guests the freedom to access your digital entertainment anywhere, anytime on your network.

So if you want to enhance your guest’s experience with an in-room digital concierge experience designed with sophistication and luxury then you need to talk to us.



We use state of the art technology at all of our sites and consists of the following:

Source Acquisition
  • Satellite Dish and FTA Antenna
  • Internet TV and Radio
  • WiFi
  • Dynamic Signage
  • Video on Demand
  • Foxtel Channel Content
  • HSIA
Head Ends / Servers
  • Source conversion to IP
  • Secure & Reliable
  • Provider & Industry Approved
  • Multiple Vendor Supported
  • Managed Services
  • Quality Structured Networks
  • Wireless Delivery
  • HD TV delivery
  • Video on Demand
  • Billing Options
  • Bring Your Own Content
  • Multiple Device Support

Management system


Our management system is fully customisable and features the following:

  • Welcome message
  • Trick Play features for movie access
  • Movie bookmark
  • Folio review
  • Guest message
  • TV channel list
  • Digital compendium
  • Local attractions & promotions
  • In-house advertisements
  • Hotel Information display
  • Weather and World Clock
  • Restaurant or dining menu display
  • Dynamic entertainment deals with movie and/or guest internet bundles
  • Property Management System integration
  • Housekeeping & maintenance tools
  • Digital Signage
  • Bring Your Own Device – the ability to watch and purchase in-house movies and IPTV (applicable with IPTV system) on guest devices



Content delivery




Smart TVs now replace the STBs. We are compatible with: LG Pro Centric, Samsung H.Browser STB system with a universal remote for compatibility with all TV brands Ability to access VOD System & Hotel Portal via smart device


Smart tv compatibility

smart tv

As a technology company, we are always striving to ensure our solution can be adapted to businesses and the advantages be offered to our clients. Not only do we seek to improve the guest’s experience, but also to give our clients the competitive edge. With the emergence of Smart TVs on the market, HoneyBadger can offer the best solutions available, packaged for compatibility with the following commercial SmartTV’s:

  • LG Pro Centric
  • Samsung H.Browser

Smart TVs allow the delivery of On-Demand and IPTV systems to your guests without the need for traditional Set-Top-Boxes.

 bring your own devices (byod) 


Our technology gives users the ability to use their own devices to access both the in-house movies and the IPTV system.

With our solution’s ability to take advantage of the wireless network, we are able to stream movie content and IPTV channels to your guest’s tablets and smart devices.

Hotel guests will now have the ability to purchase movies, or re-view previously purchased movies, from their own devices in any part of the property. It also allows multiple users staying in the same room the ability to purchase and view different movies at the same time.




dynamic advantages

Digital signage


Getting your message across to clients are a very important part of doing business.We provide the complete solution in an easily managed package. System administrators can now design and schedule any message on the fly and even schedule it for any date in the future. 

Create on the fly:

  • Schedules
  • RSS feeds
  • Weather
  • Promotional events
  • Menu’s



guest messaging


Enhanced messaging options delivers:

  • Welcome message
  • Event Schedules
  • Itinerary changes
  • OHS information

Directly to the group or individuals that needs to be

Messages can also be sent as SMS to authorised users if not in-house or on premise in the event of an emergency.

Easy – Secure - Convenient


Infrastructure options

iptv system

ip tv

IPTV is the ability to rebroadcast Free-To-Air and Pay TV signals as IP streams. With the use of multicast protocols, all STBs, compatible Smart TVs and guest smart devices (BYOD) will have access to the IPTV channels.

Key features of the IPTV system:

  • All channels will be viewed in digital format
  • Ability to set ‘Premium’ channels – this can
    apply to VIP rooms with complimentary scheduled movies or additional channel packages
  • Full control of channel additions, deletions,
  • and editing by hotel management
  • Ability to include unlimited number of in-house
  • Offer digital signage to conference displays,
    or offer special channels for conference
  • Digital Electronic Program Guide
  • Network PVR (Personal Video Recording)
 vod system


VOD is our scheduled movie system which can be delivered over the existing coaxial cabling infrastructure.

Key features of the VOD system:

  • Free-to-guest system
  • Compatible with IP or coaxial network
  • Over 200 movie titles in the library with
    monthly updates
  • 24 hour continuous play of movies and in-
    house promotional videos
  • Full EPG of all VOD channels
  • Ability to display advertisements, posters,
    and commercial videos between movies



guest internet gateway


Our powerful gateway is offered to your hotel as part of our VOD solution or as a stand- alone product. Key features of the Guest Internet Gateway:

  • The hotel can execute package creation, deletion and changes. The hotel no longer needs to contact the vendor to make any adjustments
  • Internet packages can now be created with the following variations:
    • Speed throttling – upload and download
    • Download allowances – once download allowance is exceeded, user can be shaped or additional charges can apply per MB
    • Association to rooms or profiles
    • Differentiation of room guests, conference delegates, and casual packages where a password can be generated at reception
    • PMS integration will allow guests to simply enter their room number and name to charge packages to their room account
  • Roaming across all parts of the hotel
  • Ability to monitor active sessions
  • Powerful reporting system